Saturday 3 September 2016

REVIEW; F*ck Love, by Tarryn Fisher


Genre: New-Adult, Romance,

Recommend: Yes




Helena has a dream. A dream where her husband is Kit- who in real life is her best friends boyfriend. She barely knows him, but when she wakes up facts from the dream start unfolding in real life. Helena can't ignore the pull she feels towards Kit or the need to please him. But Kit is not hers to have. Meanwhile Helena is on a journey to discover herself, anything to distract herself from her best friends boyfriend. 

My Thoughts:

This is hilarious. I really didn't know what to expect with this book so I was going in blind and laughed so much. 
The writing is brilliant throughout with great one liners; 
"She is heavy with child, as I am heavy with topknot"

Helena: she is epic. She's far from perfect but just a woman trying to find herself and not get her heart crushed. She was so impulsive and I love how her stream of consciousness was depicted - not polished off to fit into a literary box but exactly how the mind of a young woman goes. Erratic and all over the place and it worked. 

"His text bubble appears as he starts to type, then abruptly it's gone. It starts, then it's gone again. He's typing things then erasing them. I strangle my phone, then slam it on the bed a few times. It's lying facedown on the comforter, and I lift the corner to peek at the screen. There isn't a text. I go to the kitchen for a snack, then circle my bed a few times while I spoon peanut butter into my mouth from the jar. I'm scared that he's texted. I'm also scared that he hasn't.  'You chicken!' I yell. I lunge for the phone, dropping the peanut butter jar on the floor."

I had to stop for a second when reading this. I've never read a more realistic depiction in a novel that I could relate to before. It's so funny to read the ridiculous actions or thoughts we have in actual words. 

"I almost have no nails left by the time his bubble pops up, but that's cool because everyone has fingernails, and I like to be different." 

L. O. L!!!!

Kit is a different love interest. He isn't some great gorgeous charming dream guy that will make it onto any book boyfriend list. But he is the man of Helena's dreams - despite not having a choice in the matter. I wished he had more of a back bone at times, but I suppose his weakness was integral to the whole story. 

What's great about this book is that the characters are realistic. They are not idealised or perfect representations of people who always do the right thing. Or some unattainable ideal of being an 100% great person. They're real and have their flaws and that's what makes this so brilliant. 


I've never read a story like this. It's filled with humour but surrounding a serious story of ultimate heartbreak and friendships. I couldn't put it down and it's definitely a memorable novel! I look forward to reading more work by Fisher. 


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