Wednesday 3 August 2016

REVIEW; Broken and Screwed, by Tijan


Genre: New-Adult, Romance

Recommend: Yes

Book 1/2



Alex's brother died in a car crash and her life has never been the same. Jesse lost his best friend that night, and has a special bond with Alex - they're both hurting over the loss of someone they love. Thrown into a world of despair and darkness, they both find strength in each other. 
Alex loves him, but she knows they'll never be together. Jesse doesn't want to feel, and Alex is the only girl that understands what he needs and he will take what he can get. 

My Thoughts:

Hot damn. This far surpassed FCH. There were no sex scenes but yet it was the steamiest novel yet. 

"The nights were the worst as I stayed in my home. I had been abandoned. I was haunted. And all I wanted to do was destroy everything."

For a book about not feeling, I certainly felt a lot. 

Alex: She is one great character. I really feel for her. She's not some damsel in distress but yet needs Jesse to hurt with him. She's absolutely rock solid. She's been through hell and back and in some depression but gives no shits. She was in no way portrayed as perfect or an unrealistic ideal of the perfect girl who had it all - making it so easy for me to feel for her and want to see her kick ass and get her happy ending. 
She's so far gone that she recognises Jesse is using her and that she doesn't care if it results in her being hurt constantly. 

"He was going to screw other girls tonight and I know she'll still go for him if he ever calls her. You do that too. You're both so weak. You're spineless" 

Jesse: OH MY GOD! He is amazing. He's so heartbroken and raw and hurting and I love how he is portrayed. Deep down he appears to love Alex, but he needs her to cope and that's all she will ever be. I love how Alex didn't change him in this - he wasn't some project needing to be altered by the girl. Am fed up of novels where the main female converts the bad boy to a whipped boyfriend. Jesse remains aloof and stern and it's so fantastic and captivating. 

Friends: I liked how her friends Angie and Marissa were sort of shit friends. Reminds us all that there are times where we have friends that aren't good for us. I felt bad that Angie wouldn't really try and sympathise but then Alex did a good job of blocking everyone out. Really got an idea of Alex's numbness to all when Marissa tries to take Jesse and Alex can't even react. 

Story: the trauma and despair in this is crushing and it only gets worse for Alex. What is brilliant though is all that occurs is a domino from her brother's death. Her parents reaction or grieving state directly impact Alex and makes for an even bigger heart-wrenching story beyond just Alex suffering the loss of her brother. She's really mourning the loss of her whole family and dealing with the realisation her parents care more for Jesse than they ever would for her.  


Thank God book 2 was available when I read this. I was totally sucked into their bleak world and couldn't believe how strong their attraction spewed from the pages despite them not even being together in this book. Best Tijan read so far. 


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