Saturday 20 August 2016

REVIEW; Part-time Princess (Ladies In Waiting #1), by Pamela DuMond


Genre: New-Adult, Romantic Comedy,

Recommend: Yes

Book 1/2



Lucy loses her job as a cocktail waitress and is desperate for another to pay for her uncle's medical care. After responding to a vague ad in the newspaper, Lucy finds herself hired to impersonate Princess Elizabeth of Fredonia. All she has to do is stall a relationship with Prince Christoph, but show she is interested, for 10 days until Elizabeth can return. Sounds easy enough... but on the flight to Fredonia Lucy meets Nick, who has a romantic history with the real princess, and soon Lucy finds herself torn between the two and unsure which way to go, both for her sake and the princess'. 

My Thoughts:

This is the definition of a feel good book. I laughed so many times and enjoyed the whole story. 

Lucy: she is hilarious. Lucy is not a rounded polite girl and definitely not princess material, but yet has to learn to say "yes" instead of "yeah". I loved watching her try to adapt and impersonate Elizabeth, and constantly try to hold her tongue before speaking out of turn or being sarcastic. I'm also extremely jealous - a princess impersonator with a free makeover and that sort of money?! I'd sign up for that! She's so outgoing and impulsive and it was great reading of the scenarios she got herself into.

Romance: So there is a love triangle in this but it is executed in such an original and cute way. It's not like the normal love triangle and I definitely had a favourite to win (Nick) but I honestly had no idea which way it was going to go until finishing the book. I liked how the battle to choose meant losing something big and Lucy being tied down to the fact she couldn't choose based on her heart, but Elizabeth's who she had no contact with to find out what to do. There was no cheating or sneaking around causing pain to others but it was still intense watching everything unfold. I was hooked!

Story: Apart from the romance there was also extreme danger and suspense! Someone was trying to kill or seriously harm Lady Elizabeth and Lucy found herself in harms way more than once, adding in a suspenseful twist to spice things up. I'm not sure this really needed that plot, it was sufficient with the love drama, but it did work with the overall picture.


This is a wonderful light-hearted read. I smiled or laughed through the whole thing and thought it was such an original story with some great plot twists. Can't wait to read book 2.


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