Tuesday 30 August 2016

BOOKTOUR REVIEW; Anti-Stepbrother, by Tijan


Genre: New-Adult, Romance

Recommend: Yes yes yesyesyes yes




Summer has gone to university in the hopes of finally being with her stepbrother. After they spent one night together she is sure he is the one. But running after him got her heart broken... She meets Caden Banks, her stepbrother's enemy who seems to have taken a shine to helping her more than once.
Soon Summer begins to see Caden in a different light, and wonders if she has been pining over the wrong man.

My Thoughts:

***Thank you to TRSOR for an arc to review***

I am such a huge fan of Tijan and being able to receive an arc of this made me so excited! This book though stole my heart and left me utterly winded and paralysed. 

Summer: God, my heart nearly broke for her. She thought she loved Kevin and that he had feelings for her after they had a night together when in reality he was a giant ass. And yet she still defended him or looked out for him as she placed him on a pedestal as being the perfect man. 

Caden: Sweet Lord book boyfriend alert!!! He is hard ass and scary but yet so wonderfully sweet. Typical tall alpha adorned with gorgeous tattoos with the cocky demeanor to top him all off. Their relationship is a torturous slow burner building from a great reliant friendship and the chemistry between the pair is agonizing! 

What's fantastic is the different stories of love that is spread across the pages. Their is heartbreak and undeniably brilliant terrifying love and the emotions and fears that comes with it all. It's not a simple romance story line but complicated with the intensity of all the memories and feelings of the characters. I was sucked into their world and their pain and felt their fears as much as their happiness. 

Kevin: He is Summer's stepbrother who she thinks she loves. We don't get too much of an insight into his real persona but what's interesting is how he is depicted to the reader. I found myself constantly trying to defend his actions until ultimately I realised - he really is a nasty piece of work! 


Best work from Tijan so far. An absolute whirlwind of emotion and drama with a romance that will leave you haunted and desperate for a love like it. A soul destroying story of poignancy and life altering moments.


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