Saturday 27 August 2016

REVIEW; Beautiful Torment (Beautiful #1), by Paige Laurens


Genre: New-Adult, Romance

Recommend: Yes

Book 1 of 2



Luci Cunningham is ready to begin her senior year. But on the first day she is thrown off course when her chemistry teacher walks in and she can't help but stare. Mr Harrington notices Luci as soon as he walks in to his classroom, but chooses to ignore her. He's her teacher and he knows better. But soon the two face their lust and are finding reasons so spend more time together, extra tutoring sessions, make-up tests at lunch and the two embark on a secret relationship, risking everything. 

My Thoughts:

I loved this! I got sucked into this whirlwind forbidden romance and didn't look up until it ended- then immediately fell into book 2! 

Luci: I was really rooting for her. She's a typical young girl admiring a hot teacher like most would. She very quickly becomes obsessed with him and will do anything just to be able to get a glimpse of him. However when she realises he reciprocates the feelings, I love how bold she becomes in calling him out on it and addressing him directly. She becomes quite the seductress! Ultimately, I admired how she kept on telling herself it would never amount to anything real, that everything they had would always remain a dirty secret and she tries her best to accept this. Their romance never goes beyond the classroom. She really lets everything go to get wrapped up in him, she ignores her friends, doesn't apply to uni etc and falls hard for him. 

Mr Harrington:  Mmmm. I was surprised how easily he gave in and didn't try to deny his feelings. Although he left Luci to instigate anything between them, he certainly had his fun once she knew. But I loved the banter and games between them and how dangerous he played things. I was surprised they didn't get caught but it really made for an exciting read, just waiting for things to fall apart. He was battling the right and wrong front and it was clear he was conflicted about keeping it contained, but still entertaining to read his struggle to say no to his feelings and Luci. 

Writing: to get it out of the way, the writing in this needs some editing. There are a lot of typos scattered throughout and at times stilted the story. 

"It wouldn't be too would be too weird?"
"My mind is swirling, and for the quickest second, I loose my balance."

Other than that, the rest of the writing is brilliant. Their romance is forbidden but yet everything is so unbelievably steamy and hot and original. 

Ending: I am conflicted about the ending. I liked there was a huge climax and plot twist to throw them off course and add in that bit of drama, but there wasn't much hinting throughout that anything was happening or secrets were being kept. But it built up for a good lead into book 2...


I loved this. It wasn't perfect, at times not realistic, but it as so damn addictive and hot!! I was almost jealous of Luci. Recommend as a light read to get wrapped up in.


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