Saturday 7 May 2016

REVIEW; Quintessentially Q (Monsters in the Dark #2), by Pepper Winters


Genre: Adult, Romance, Abuse

Recommend: Yes



Tess has returned willingly to her master, her lover, Q Mercer. Both must learn the rules of engaging in a relationship, and the boundaries they must set to make it work. 

But as they jump into their new life, tragedy strikes resulting in Tess and Q being apart. Tess finds herself back in the hands of those who originally sold her on, and this time they are ensuring to break her beyond repair. 

Trauma and death ensues, in a dark and bloody battle in the name of love and revenge. Can Tess and Q's love conquer? Or were they doomed from the beginning?

My Thoughts:

I was really apprehensive reading this as I loved Tears of Tess and was worried this would ruin the high from the first book. I'm really torn as to whether I loved this or whether it strongly aggravated me. 

Writing: The writing in this is still exquisite. The changes of POV from Tess to Q as we unravel their story and battle, really draws you in. This worked so well from Tess' POV when she is kidnapped and how what she witnesses is presented to the reader is executed so clever, it makes the reader feel they are Tess. I really love Winter's writing style and how far she can get into a character's mind to be able to write so well from their eyes. 

Story: I think what put me off with this, was how hard it was to get into. Tears of Tess gripped me from the get go, but it took three attempts to get into this one... I started it almost 6 months before I actually got settled to properly read it. Just for me, it took a little too long for the drama to occur. I had enough of reading about Tess and Q proving they belonged to each other and maybe this was why it seemed a bit dull following the whirlwind of the first novel. But, once the twist happened and things got a bit more serious, I was properly hooked. This is even darker than before and so much more ominous. There is so much torment and pain and I really couldn't predict how it would all turn out and end.

Q: He is a lot more attractive in this one. We know about his past and his desires and how much he loves Tess, but in this we see him truly lose everything and put his heart on the line, but yet remain so dominating. It's a great contrast to how he is presented in Tears of Tess, as the reader gets a further insight into how Tess has affected him and how much she means to him. 


Although it took some time, I loved this almost as much as the first one. It has just as much darkness and terror, but has some beautiful heart-wrenching moments. Can't wait to read the end to their story in the final book! 


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