Wednesday 25 June 2014

REVIEW: Stalk Me (The Keatyn Chronicles #1), by Jillian Dodd

Rating: ★☆

Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Mystery

Keatyn is the daughter of a hit movie star actress. She is the most popular girl and has everything she wanted, according to the script she has in her head for the life she wants to live; she has the boyfriend, the friends, the looks... everything. 

Soon she realises this isn't the life she wants and she's tired of making choices for appearances and wants a life without the fame. But when her mom is being threatened by a stalker fan, Keatyn becomes caught in the middle of a serious issue, whilst trying to discover what she really wants in her life.

My Thoughts:
This book sounded like one I'd have loved and from reading other reviews I really thought I was going to side with the higher ratings... how wrong I was. 

There are just so many things that made me dislike this book;


1. Main Character; Keatyn, is just unbearable. In summary she is a rich brat, who swears that's not what she is but yet is constantly being a right B to people. Looks are most important and I felt she didn't give a damn for anyone. And at 16 and in love with nearly every guy that looks her way. She literally went like "I'd never go near Cush... but maybe I will...I love Brooklyn...Brooklyn loves he doesnt... Cush loves me... Oh I love Cush... I hate Cush... I love Brooklyn... Brooklyn is acting weird...I don't love Brooklyn... I love Cush...-then shipped off to boarding school- I miss Cush...I miss Brooklyn... I like Riley...Kissing Dallas is okay...Woah Aiden, he's the one!" WHAT. ON. EARTH! Literally EVERY. SINGLE. GUY. IN. THIS. BOOK. FANCIES. HER. and oh my god their pick-up-lines are horrendous!! It's just cringe worthy and boring as every guy seems to "love" her... 

2. Rest of the characters; I don't know if I liked anyone in this book.. maybe Damien and possibly Brooklyn for a while but then he totally did a 180. All were so superficial and just... one dimensional!! There was no depth to ANY of them. 
And Cush? WTF?! He claims to love Keatyn and yet he tells her she ruined his life before going off to his Dad's... was a bit much in my opinion. Dodd didn't really hit the describing nail on the head. It was all about abs imo.

3. plot; I expected a lot more focus on the whole stalker aspect.. the book is called "Stalk Me" after all. It was also totally obvious who it was from the moment that character was introduced so there was no suspense or surprise in that respect. A mention of a threat letter here and there and then the final act that wasn't too dramatic (Ov it was for Keatyn but for a book I thought the build up etc could have been extended to get the reader scared) and then the whole transfer to the boarding school was just as smooth as a hacksaw. Aaaand of course she decides she does not want to be popular and stand out so what does she do? Befriends the guys who naturally all fancy her and the star player thinks she's the one... yeah... that's believable! Seriously, if I knew the story was going to be about some rich bitch and about 8 guys... (Sander, Cush, Brooklyn, Vincent, Riley, Dallas, Dawson, Aiden) no way would I have bothered.. it's tiring and childish.

4. The Writing;  I can normally get over an author's writing style if I enjoyed the story, but wow... the writing in this really annoyed me! 
"You have a nickname?" Riley asks."Um, my little sisters call me Kiki. Like key, key."
a) Asking someone if they've a nickname when you just meet them? Yeah, that's normal! 
b) Saying "key key" is IRRELEVANT! Riley hears Kiki as "keykey" anyway so I don't get why that was necessary, maybe at the start of the book but not twice more!
I also hate the typing of children speaking, I just find the misspelled words irritating and I find it a lot more effective to type them correctly and then explain how the child can't pronounce her "r's" or something. 

There were many other issues I had with this book. It just had so much potential but lacked execution and precision. Would not recommend this book nor continue the series.

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