Wednesday 25 June 2014

REVIEW: The Man From 3015, by Luke Hill

Rating: ★★★★★

spoiler free review 

Genre: Sci-Fi Thriller, Mystery, Suspense

Serena and her camera-man/best friend Ron are out reporting when a sudden storm brews out of nowhere. The result of this phenomenon is the arrival of Jonathon, a man who claims to be from the future, from the year 3015. 

He was sent back in time, to the current day, to find Serena and with her help try and change the way people live to save the Earth for future generations. Serena immediately puts together a report on Jonathon and his claims, believing this would be her big break that she always wanted in her career.

Her story is refused and hours later Ron is found murdered. Serena soon realises the danger she is in from associating with Jonathon. Someone wants to keep them quiet and out of the knowledge of the public. Serena is faced to decide if she is safe with or without this stranger, and has to make up her mind quickly or else she could end up like Ron. 

My Thoughts:
I really loved this book. I spent the majority of yesterday just curled up in my armchair reading this through. The 400+ pages flew by. 

The whole concept is ingenious and original and it felt like there was a lot of thought and research put into using the correct terminology and making this a credible story. From page one action ensues and this drew me in straight away until I had nearly completed the novel. 

The characters all had depth and quirks to them; the character of Jonathon being extremely interesting- his ignorance of the modern world portrayed in such a manner that made him seem fragile and innocent, but partnered with his physical and mental strength from his Training, resulted in an intriguing mysterious persona. 

The culmination of the novel was one of the best endings in a book I'd read in a long time. Along the whole way there are multiple twists and turns and the end just wraps everything up so well and slots all the pieces into place and answers questions you didn't realise needed answering. 

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this and was saddened when I had completed it. The plot twists combined with the myriad of emotions makes it a roller-coaster of a read. 

Thank you to the author for allowing me to read this in exchange for an honest review! :) 

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