Friday 20 June 2014

REVIEW: Reading the Dead (The Sarah Milton Chronicles), by J.B. Cameron

Rating: ★★★★★

(spoiler free review)

Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Paranormal

As a child Sarah Milton was considered weird and a loner with her imaginary friend, Anna Nigma. Following the death of her mother, Anna disappears from Sarah's life and Sarah finally tries to follow a path to a normal life. Determined to track down her mother's killer, she finds herself in the police career.

Sarah now works as a Criminal Profiler in the LAPD and is on the hunt to track down the latest serial killer who goes by the name of Raithe. On a trip to the pet store to buy dog food, an event changes Sarah's life and she finds herself fighting to survive. When Sarah awakes she is reunited with her old friend, Anna. 

Anna is here to stay now and helps Sarah on her path to discover Raithe and prevent more murders. Following up on a clue left at a crime-scene, Sarah discovers there's a paranormal and supernatural element to the murders, and Raithe is not acting alone. Sarah must try to stop Raithe whilst realising both her and Anna's "life" could be at stake. 

My Thoughts:
I absolutely loved the supernatural element to this thriller. It really gave it an edge to the rest of the thriller genre. I liked the naming of Anna (Anna Nigma= an enigma), and I really hope that's where the naming came from! 

The characters all had some depth and defining features or characteristics to them and I felt like they were all relevant and had a purpose in the novel. 

Anna is just hilarious, she is a 13 year old ghost and her attitude and humour is portrayed brilliantly and I really loved her character; she was probably my favourite character. 

The writing was lovely and it was an easy read considering the content; I found it really hard to put down as it was such a page turner as Sarah uncovered more and more of the mystery. There was often such vivid description but yet not reams of it to a boring level. I felt like everything was "just right" with this book.

Overall I would definitely recommend this to anyone that loves a thriller or supernatural/paranormal books as it was full of plot-twists and was just gripping from the start! Thoroughly enjoyed it and I look forward to reading the second novel. 

Thank you to the author for providing me with a copy of this in exchange for an honest review. 

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