Saturday 14 June 2014

REVIEW: Fractured; by Dani Atkins

Rating: ★★★★★

(semi-spoiler free review)

Genre: New adult, contemporary romance, mystery, sci-fi

Summary: Rachel is out celebrating with her friends one last time before they all go their separate ways to university. She is with her boyfriend Matt, best friend Jimmy and other girl-friends. However, whilst in the restaurant an out of control car crashes through the window. The car kills Jimmy as he saves Rachel.

Five years on, Rachel has to return to the village where she lost her best friend for a wedding. She is no longer with Matt although he tries his best to win her back. Faced with the memories and the scars, mental and physical ones, she tries to cope with the life she has been left with and not focus in the life she lost, but all she can think of is of Jimmy.

After an incident however, Rachel wakes up to find that Jimmy is still very much alive. She is also engaged to Matt and her father is of full health, whereas she knew him as dying of cancer. She has to work out if the reality she knew was real at all, and whether to embrace the alternative life she has been given or try to go back to the world she believed real where Jimmy was dead. She faces obstacles she never knew existed, and has to decided which man she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

My Thoughts:
This book was recommended to me by my mom! It has everything I love in a book; original idea, some romance, plot twists, and sort of a psychological thriller. The changing from both lives was seamless and well thought out. The book had an appropriate pace and was told from Rachels POV, so the reader found out info as the main character did, which added to the suspense and the impact from the ending.

This is a suspenseful page turner, with some romance, and concludes in a huge plot-twist that will leave you stunned. An utterly thrilling novel with such an original concept that will hold your attention throughout

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