Saturday 1 July 2017

REVIEW; Captured (Gowns & Crowns #2), by Jennifer Chance


Genre: New-Adult, Romance

Recommend: Yes

Book 2



Lauren Grant is visiting Garronia as her best friend is soon to marry a Prince. She is a perfect woman with a perfect image to maintain, and never falters in front of a man. Dimitri Korba is set as her bodyguard, but he finds the sharp and confident American to be attractive and enticing. But Lauren has had an older admirer since she was a child. He is friends with her parents and when the threat of him causes her into hiding, Lauren and Dimitri are forced together as they explore their mutual feelings. But is their romance part of Dimitri's duty to protect her? And can they survive the threat of Lauren's future husband?

My Thoughts:

Lauren: Oh, what a girl! She is an amazing character and I related so much to her. She has a rock hard exterior and always has the perfect mask in place to maintain a pristine image. She is actually quite a sensitive soul who is only protecting her heart. I found her quite alluring, as she attempted to use her looks to manipulate Dimitri but also let her heart betray her head so often. Her internal battle of head vs heart was such a strong theme and so relevant to young females. 

Setting: This was set on a fictional island, however due it not being an actual place there was a lack of history or culture presented. There were links to a Greek island, however the culture and nation were fictional. For me, this sort of affected the reality being presented and I didn't get an adequate description of the idiosyncrasies of the people or land to build a sufficient setting. It just felt like a no man's land between Greece and Turkey. Beautiful nonetheless though. 

There was a beautiful romance built between Lauren and Dimitri, presented by dual POV. I rather enjoyed this insight into both of their minds as it was often comical - the pair were playing the exact same game and the author managed to shield enough information from us to still allow for doubt and speculation when required - for once not everything was just given to us on a plate. 

I appreciated how there were two plots really- their romance and the drama between Lauren and Henry. The drama certainly intensified where Henry was involved, and the two plots were well blended to propel each other and provide a good story. 


I quite enjoyed this read. There was a beautiful balance of humour, drama and romance that kept me reading and hooked - read within 24 hours! A perfect summer read. 

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