Saturday 8 July 2017

REVIEW; Dirty Red (Love Me With Lies #2), by Tarryn Fisher


Genre: Fiction, New-Adult, Contemporary

Recommend: Yes

Book 2



Leah Smith beat Olivia in winning Caleb's heart. Olivia is no longer competing and Leah has a marriage and a baby on the way. The perfect family. But Leah isn't finding marriage or motherhood the easiest - compromise was never her style. Being married and following "rules" is cramping her lavish lifestyle as she fears her image will be destroyed. After beating Olivia, she may now lose Caleb all on her own. 

My Thoughts:

The Opportunist blew me away and I always worry the follow on books won't be as exciting as the initial novel. The idea of a novel from Leah's point of view really intrigued me as she was such a hateful vindictive character. 

I am a sucker for Tarryn's evil characters as she writes so twisted and amazing in their POV, and nearly justifies all the horrible things they do. What a woman Leah was. 

In The Opportunist she mainly comes across as a jealous love rival, doing what she needs to do to keep Caleb. But Dirty Red exemplifies her true horrid nature. She is so manipulative and her lack of empathy borderlines sociopath behaviour. She even uses her new born as a weapon of manipulation. 

There were times where I really felt for Leah. I actually had sympathy for the bitch. She is so insecure and that is the root of a lot of her evil actions, you want to just hug her and also bash her head against the mirror to just show her what she has. But her fear of losing Caleb and losing her "image" caused her own self-destruction to losing everything. She even is jealous of her own baby girl because she doesn't like another female having Caleb's attention - that is twisted! 

We get an insight into her past, which sometimes eludes to her present behaviour, although not excusing the majority of it. It was also an opportunity to see a different side of Caleb. In book one Caleb is presented as a boy in love, wanting a restart in his life to find himself, possibly a little bit of a push-over. However in Dirty Red he becomes a man. A father who will protect his baby at all costs and we see his ruthlessness as he finally stands up to the bitch he married. 

Just when you think you can justify Leah's actions, she continues to be more selfish and wretched. And I loved it. I loved reading from the POV of a despicable, vile human. 


I am such a fan of Tarryn Fisher so of course recommend this whole series. Never before have I loved to hate a main character so much! 

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