Saturday 15 July 2017

REVIEW; Thief (Love Me With Lies #3), by Tarryn Fisher


Genre: Fiction, New-Adult, Contemporary 

Recommend: Yes

Book 3



Caleb's marriage has ended and he realises he never got over Olivia. But she is now happily married and has built a wonderful life with her husband. The two have always had the worst timing in making themselves available for each other and now is no exception. Caleb soon finds it's not as simple as he thought to win the woman of his dreams back again. 

My Thoughts:

The final installment of this series is presented from Caleb's POV, with the story being both from the present and flashbacks. The great thing about the alternative POV's throughout the series was the truth that get reveals. A lot of questions from the first two books were addressed from Caleb's truth and memories in flashbacks and conversations. I think overall, the three books work so well together and read amazing consecutively compared to most series where there's a strong end/start between each book. In hindsight I can't even be sure what happened exactly in each book, they blended so seamlessly. 

This wasn't as good as the previous two novels but was a reasonable ending to the series. The ending/epilogue was probably as perfect as it could be. I think endings are rather tricky to compose - do a HEA and it's predictable, don't do a HEA and you've broken the hearts of everyone who has read the series... hard one to choose! But the epilogue was perfect, it wasn't completely perfect in terms of a 100% HEA but it was more realistic. 

I don't want to give anything away for the last book, which makes it difficult to review. Caleb annoyed me so much. It felt like he thought Olivia would just come running to him after everything despite Olivia having her happy ending herself already. 

I enjoyed seeing a greater Olivia presence than in Dirty Red, where she didn't really feature. I also loved how she had so much more of a backbone and didn't allow Caleb to just walk all over her. Half of me was rooting for them to just accept their love and get on with things, but the other half was rooting for them to just carry on with their separate lives. 

Whilst this book is a bit of a mess, it's a wonderful mess! And I loved it. The whole series spans about 10 years and it's heart-wrencher! 


I read both book 2 & 3 of this series on the one plane flight, so that highlights how addictive this series is. There are some decent plot twists and dramas's that will have you screaming at the characters. One of the best series I've read! 

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