Saturday 24 June 2017

REVIEW; Rumor Has It (Limelight #1), by Elisabeth Grace


Genre: New-Adult, Romance, YA

Recommend: Yes

Book 1



Ellie has returned to live with her mother following graduating college. After being the star of an embarrassing viral video, all she wants to do is keep a low profile. After falling through the bathroom window of a villa rented by a famous hip-hop artist, that low profile is heavily jeopardised. Mason Nash is taking time off work for a few weeks, and the pair agree to enjoy their time together while it lasts. But when Mason is signed up for a reality tv show, Ellie is thrust into the limelight and they each have to work out what or who they really want. 

My Thoughts:

Ellie: I think ultimately I liked her, although annoying at times. She definitely read as a vulnerable character who was trying to remain true to herself and protect herself from further harm and keep from damaging her career prospects. I feel like she seemed more like a 17 y/o rather than a university graduate though. I appreciate her desire to remain out of the spotlight and she was adapting to the celebrity culture quickly, but she just didn't carry the maturity or personality that I feel a graduate, who lived away from home for a few years, would have. 

Mason: he's not on his way to the book boyfriend list, however he was rather amusing and charming. I didn't really appreciate his brash attitude in assuming Ellie's actions incorrectly. I accept it warranted for the necessary plots, but just felt after ALL they'd been through together, it was rather out of character of him to not even allow Ellie to explain herself, especially after his huge speech re trusting her explicitly. Although I am not a fan of hip-hop, I liked that we got to see some of Mason's family history and his personal life rather than his celebrity one. 

Story: I'd nearly say this is suited for YA readers, apart from perhaps the sexual content, although it was not really explicit. But the interaction and drama screamed YA in my head. The book was written in dual POV and unfortunately I feel this affected my rating; had it been presented from a single POV, the reader could approach the story with the same missing info and make the same judgment of trust, but in allowing us see both sides of the story, it left little to be worked/found out by the reader. 

I feel like there was the attempt to build a solid relationship and chemistry between Ellie and Mason, but a big part of me felt it was a tad Insta-Love like. Quite soon on Mason just "knew" Ellie was different and his interest piqued from their first meeting and that instant attraction put me off a little and I just didn't connect with their chemistry.  


I think due to the immaturity of the characters/events, this is perfect for younger readers. It's a decent light story that is well written. 


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