Saturday 17 June 2017

REVIEW; The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies #1), by Tarryn Fisher


Genre: Suspense, New-Adult

Recommend: Yes!

Book 1



Three years ago, Olivia broke Caleb’s heart and he vowed to leave her life and never see her again. Olivia believes he is in her past, until she sees him in a music shop. What she doesn’t expect is Caleb not to even recognise her – he has amnesia and has no idea who she is. Olivia sees this a second chance at love, but every attempt to confess who she really is, is interrupted. She learns of Caleb’s near engagement and soon is in a battle to win Caleb. But threats and blackmail ensue, with a world of secrets ready to burst open. Can true love really win if the chance has already gone?  

My Thoughts:

WELL HOLY SHIT! I love Tarryn Fisher’s work and this is the third novel of hers I’ve got to read. What I really loved in this, is that while there was a happy ending, there wasn’t THE happy ending. It was REALISTIC! I spent the whole book rooting for the pair to just stop messing about and be honest and live their life together. But, that isn’t really how life always works out and this was a refreshing read that depicted that. It shows how two people can always find their way back together, and give each other their heart… but for once a book showed that love does not always trump everything else.

Words cannot describe how much I loved this for those reasons. I’m becoming tired of the whole love/romance genre at the moment as am fed up of the forever happy endings with “The One” that’s all just crap. Life isn’t that perfect that allows the hiccups to occur and two people still get their happy ending. Life happens. Actions done in anger or remorse have effect. People change. People can have an unbelievably strong connection and chemistry – but it still be unhealthy. Anyway… moving on…

Olivia: I think she is one of my favourite protagonists. She is far from perfect but it makes her human. She believes she is a horrible person because of her lies and deceit, but it wasn’t THAT bad. It was done out of love for Caleb and although some actions are rather extreme, she wasn’t the one that broke into someone’s apartment to trash everything and then blackmail a girl… But I really felt for her. She loved Caleb so much and seeing him with Leah broke her, as she knew Leah was a scheming bitch and Caleb was unaware. And yet in the end, she let him go. She was able to put his happiness before her own and this was the ultimate mark of character development.

Caleb: Yeah, I have some issues with this guy! So, we are led to believe that Olivia has done something horrible and betrayed Caleb and that she hurt him… BUT WHAT DO WE FIND OUT?! Well Caleb here was about to cheat on her but she caught him in the act. And somehow, he manages to turn it around onto Olivia because she goes and has meaningless sex with a stranger. If he were any way half decent he would have realised how hurt she must’ve been to have resorted to that… so from that moment I wasn’t a Caleb fan. Also… he comes back and calls Olivia out on lying – HYPOCRITE! But, I still like the guy… I guess that’s the magic of Fisher’s writing. I can pick out all these aspects of Caleb that make me dislike him, but I was still rooting for the pair to get together.

Story/Writing: It’s amazing. I’ve discussed Fisher’s writing style before and it’s astounding. The descriptions are brilliant without boring the reader with paragraphs of scene setting. So much can be evoked in one sentence. I enjoyed the jumping from past to present – especially as it was clearly marked “The Past”/ “The Present” at the beginning of the chapters! I read this in less than 24 hours (the first 68% when I went to bed and sadly at to stop to try get some sleep) as I just couldn’t predict where the story was heading.
 “You can only give your heart away once; after that, everything else will chase your first love”

Please don’t be true or else I am fudged! lol


I’d recommend this to anyone my age (22) to read to just be aware of some of the ugliness that comes with loving someone. I could relate to more than I’d like, but also learned a lot from it too. It really shows how sometimes, two people loving each other isn't always enough. 

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