Saturday 10 June 2017

REVIEW; Girl Undone (TJ Peacock and Lisa Rayburn Mysteries #3), by Marla Madison


Genre: Suspense, Mystery

Recommend: Yes

Book 3



Private Investigator TJ Peacock, and psychiatrist Lisa Rayburn, are hired by Ms Petretti to solve the mystery surrounding her niece’s disappearance. Kelsey Blasko went missing on Tuesday, and turned up in the mall on Friday with no memory of her abduction or what happened.
Meanwhile, criminal blogger Bart Kosick, is being harassed by a persona Headliner. Leaving threats and breaking in, Bart realises the danger when a young girl’s dead body is placed on his property. Both crimes soon interlink as the danger increases and creeps closer to home.

My Thoughts:

Story: Breaking it down simply, this was a good story. I read it within 24 hours so there was definitely an element that drew me in and kept my attention. There were good plot twists and often parallel story lines were interlinked, making a few pieces fall into place. However, at times, some plot holes were answered but I was left unsure of what this meant for the parallel story line. I like in a series when there is a bigger plot going on across the books with an individual “front plot” per book, and I am presuming that was the case for this – Kelsey’s disappearance was the front plot and Bart being harassed the bigger plot. I’m still uncertain how these two plots truly interlinked at the end though due to the sort of cliffhanger ending…

There was multi POV, the reader seeing events unfold from numerous persona’s which kept the pace of the novel alive and moving appropriately.
There were a few typos which broke up the pace here and there, mostly grammar ones that could’ve been noticed with perhaps another read through?

Characters: A negative in this were the quantity of characters. This is book 3 in the series so I assume the rash introduction and background of a few characters was for a speedy introduction to get the reader up to date. But it did become a little confusing. Halfway through the book a girl called “Shannon” was present and I’d to search back to recall who she was by re-reading her introduction at the beginning. 


I would recommend this book for anyone requiring a quirky mystery read that isn’t too heavy. If you can get to grips with who is who early on, it’s an extremely easy read! 

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