Saturday 9 July 2016

REVIEW; Jaded (Part 1), by Ali Parker


Genre: New-Adult, Romance, Contemporary

Recommend: No



Kari Martin witnesses her fiancé having sex with someone else the night before her wedding. Needing to escape New York City, she moves to a town in Maine with her two best friends. 
Jake Isaac has been burned and doesn't want love. He keeps busy by being a firefighter and also a school coach. But when he meets Kari and tries to stay away, he can't help but wish they were together. 
Is she the one who can make him believe in love again?

My Thoughts:

Meh. That's the best word I have for this right now... I stopped reading at about 80%

The Writing: I felt this was quite awkward to read. A lot of the scenes didn't flow and pointless / irrelevant actions were described or included that broke up the flow of the story. There was a good amount of boring chit-chat included, that once or twice may have added to the authenticity of a friendship group, but it just made me cringe!

Love/Romance: I don't know what the author deems to be love or heartbreak but this was far from it. Kari just had her heartbroken after the end of a relationship of 4 years. She moves and is meant to be nursing a broken heart. But in this literary world, heartbreak is magically cured within a few weeks as soon as a gorgeous fire-fighter...Alrighty. Meanwhile, Jake is supposedly "jaded" and anti-love from having his heartbroken... Although didn't take him too long to resist and go after Kari and claim to love her. They "loved" each other before they even knew each other. It was all just lust/insta love.

Kari: I didn't really like her. I didn't get the impression she even loved Frank to begin with or see why she was so heartbroken. The reader should have felt her despair and outrage. And then she turned into a teenage girl when laying eyes on Jake and getting offended when he politely turned down her offer of a date. It all seemed superficial and shallow and no real emotions.


I don't normally DNF so close to the end but reading this became a chore to just find out what happened before I realised I didn't really care. There was no chemistry or fun between the two and just empty words and I didn't really enjoy it. 


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