Saturday 31 October 2015

REVIEW; Never Too Far (Rosemary Beach #2), by Abbi Glines


Genre: New Adult, Romance, Drama

Recommend: Yes



Blair is back home trying to sort her life out without Rush being in it. Meanwhile Rush is heartbroken and trying to find a way to get Blair back again. 

But when Blair is forced to return to Rush, she has to find a way to let him back into her life as he has to find a way to be around her without scaring her off again. She wants him back, but is terrified to trust him again after being betrayed.

But as they try to see eye to eye to make progress, other drama poses to threaten everything they've worked for, and their happily ever after doesn't seem to be a possibility no matter how much they try.

My Thoughts:

So thankfully I had the second book to dive straight into after the cliffhanger of book one, but unfortunately, this wasn't as good as Fallen Too Far.

Blair: I really loved her in the first book. She was so self sufficient and independent. But in this, she lost her fight. She just got a little bit annoying making Rush really beg so much to get her back. He had kept something from her, and she deserved to be annoyed. But after finding out she was pregnant she needed to just get over it a little and stop pushing him away so much. She kept moaning on about how incompatible they were and just shuuuut uuuup already!! 

Rush: Still love him but maybe not as much... He could've easily been an ass with what happened but he stood up and took the role he was meant to. But at times I wanted to scream at him to wake up and stop always saying Blair was his priority but then choosing Nan and her stupid drama!!!!!!! Every. Single. Time... But I can forgive it simply as he is torn with his loyalties and just trying to do the right thing by everyone and his actions were entirely understandable considering his circumstances. He also really knew how to make it up to Blair, if she'd get over herself and accept his endless efforts of apology. Like, gah, despite his crappy decisions, when he gave his speeches to keep Blair, it was heart wrenching!

I loved how it alternated POV between Rush and Blair. It gave such a great insight into what both felt but how much they failed at just voicing it simply! Ah the drama that could've been saved if they just said what they felt/thought. But I know, in real life we don't know what the other person thinks so of course were silenced by our insecurities and worries.

Story: This definitely lived up to the first book on the drama element. I did accept the twists of Rush dealing with Nan's drama and Blair on her own drama journey... but the continuation of twisting the whole "Who's Nan's Father?" crap... it just seemed so dragged out. What's the truth? The real true truth? 

Ending: Umm...What? I'm in two minds about this one. In one way, it was an appropriate, albeit abrupt, end to their story. The reader could believe that was their ending and everything was good. But then it was sort of unsatisfactory after all the drama they'd gone through. At least I'd the final installment to start straight after but I think without it, Never Too Far would've felt just abandoned at the end rather than completed.


If you've read Fallen Too Far, I'd definitely say read this. It's a great continuation and still is a gripping read with plenty of captivating, emotional drama! 

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