Saturday 7 November 2015

REVIEW; Forever Too Far (Rosemary Beach #3), by Abbi Glines


Genre: New Adult, Romance, Drama

Recommend: Yes



Blair and Rush want their happily ever after with their perfect family. But no matter what they do, something always thwarts their plans. 

Blair thinks that finally all the drama is behind them and that her and Rush can finally live their life. 

But torn between his family and his family with Blair, Rush can't seem to please either side no matter what he does, causing more drama. Every attempt at pleasing one, results in the sadness of the other. Can Blair and Rush have a happy ending? Or was their love doomed from the beginning?

My Thoughts

Story: I'm not really sure all of this warranted a full novel. It mainly followed Blair with her pregnancy and Rush being always sidetracked by Nan's desperate attempts for attention. To begin with, obviously the drama was needed by Rush going off to help her, but he had more than enough warnings that putting Nan first was harming Blair. He should've manned up and given Nan a good talking to much sooner. She was a massive bitch and although she needed help, Rush treating her like a fragile being wasn't helping her in the least. 

  • This would've been a 4 star rating if there had been less of the Nan drama. It took up way too much of the book and it wore thin pretty quickly, especially as Rush was so hesitant to be stern with her.

  • Blair and Rush's beautiful relationship was still strong in this. Although they'd their issues, it was still a gorgeous read and as brilliant as ever. 

  • Grant and Harlow were such a lovely addition to the story. Although they probably didn't really fit into this book, it gives a nice branch into more of Grant's life that hopefully will be written about! 

After reviewing the previous two books, there's less to really comment on aside from the specific story. I think this was an appropriate ending and had suitable drama to keep my attention and still remain a decent read. I read all three back to back so the overall story just seemed like one long one and they did all blend quite seamlessly.  


It's the final installment of Rush and Blair's story. If you've started the series, I'd definitely recommend finishing it. Fallen Too Far is probably the best of the three, but overall, it's still a fantastic and gripping series and you will fall for Rush and Blair!

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