Saturday 17 October 2015

REVIEW; Debt Inheritance (Indebted #1), by Pepper Winters


Genre: Adult, Romance, Drama

Recommend: No



Nila Weaver is an up and coming fashion designer, finally making a name for herself away from her Father’s business. But on the night of her success, she is handed to Jethro Hawk. Generations ago a deal was struck, stating the first female born of each Weaver generation was to be handed to the first born of the Hawks, to do as they please with until death. Inexperienced Nila is put through her paces, as she tries to find Jethro’s sensitive side and bide her time so she can fight for freedom. But she has no idea of the extremities of her ancestor’s deal. 

My Thoughts:

Mixed feelings for this book. I love Pepper Winter’s work and was so excited when I saw this was free as the first installment. But ultimately this felt like an unresolved novella. It’s stated as the first book of the series, but yet it more felt like an introduction to the whole story and whilst I really wanted to know more, it makes me wonder will the rest of the series only be tidbits of info? I have no issue with paying for books at all- but I don’t want to pay for something that seems to cover only a few chapters of work. It was like paying for a three course meal but only getting served the drinks and being told to come back and pay again tomorrow in the hope of getting more.

Nila: I really admired her fight and she seemed like a smart girl so I didn’t think how she fought back was appropriate. I was expecting her to be more cunning and pretend to go along with things and fool them into believing her and then acting out, rather than opening her mouth to cause a drama every time. In the end, I didn't care much for her or feel sorry for her that she had found herself in this situation beyond her control. 

Jethro: I didn’t think he was defined enough. He was meant to be of a malicious nature and yet from the get go clearly had a soft spot for Nila. I think it would have worked better had he remained stoic and cold and as he spent more time with Nila, then develop a minimal care for her. He wasn't developed or explained in any detail, so it was difficult to predict his nature and it just got frustrating as he sporadically changed his attitude.

Story: There’s a good story in this; just needed to be more in the first book. I’m not sure if I want to continue this series or not as I prefer bigger and meatier books. Maybe I was expecting it to be of the same nature as Monsters in the Dark and that was my fault. It does only have 222 pages but by 50%, nothing shocking or horrifying had occurred. I think the overall story has promise, but there wasn't enough in this first book to really drag me in. 

Pace: I didn’t really get the pace of this book. I found it hard to follow her conversations with Kite, as she’d be having one and then it would jump back to when they first met or something, making it just complicated to keep up with what was now and what was then. I did read this in one sitting so maybe I just wasn’t paying as much attention as I should’ve. 


I'm not going to recommend it but it is free on Amazon so if it seems at all interesting, give it a go. It just wasn't for me and I may have set my expectations too high, but it didn't fit in with my view of how Winters writes. 

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