Saturday 3 October 2015

REVIEW; Beauty From Surrender (Beauty #2), by Georgia Cates


Genre: New Adult, Romance, Drama

Recommend: Yes



Laurelyn is back in America, missing her Jack Henry but she made a deal and will stick to it. She has bigger issues such as her absentee father entering her life having reunited with her possessive mother and finding herself without a career. 

Jack Henry is heartbroken in Australia. No matter what he does, he can't forget Laurelyn and can't find her due to the lack of details about her life she knew. But after a last desperate attempt, they are reunited. But can they just pick up where they left? Has one of them moved on? Or has one of them done something that could threaten their future? 

A lot can happen in three months apart, and they may not be able to go back to how they were.

My Thoughts:

Always after reading a great first installment, there's always some worry the next book won't be as good or the story will be taken in a wrong direction. But this was done just as beautifully as the first! 

Laurelyn: I feel so much for her in this. She's hurting so much and then returns to a crappy home life with her crazy ex making dangerous moves and her mom not really listening to what her daughter wants. What I love about her character is that although she is so vulnerable, she's still a strong person. Again, like the first book she believes other women over Jack and doesn't really give him a chance to explain - however, this time it worked better than in the first book, mainly because Addison was able to be there to set her straight. 

Jack: That man... epitome of perfection. He is just adorably hot. He loves her so much and the pain he endures just makes you want to give him a hug. I feel like Laurelyn rules them though; the poor guy does everything he can to treat her like a princess (but not in a cringey way) and she shoots him down when things go wrong. He does such a 180 from the first book but yet it's all believable and endearing. 

Story: I loved the plot in this so much. There was a great character development and the little twists were well worked out. There was a lot of sex though, more than in the first book and it got a little.. "oh here we go again, same stuff." Some of them could've been just skipped over like how they were done in the first book. It wasn't as such of a whirlwind as Beauty from Pain, but I still enjoyed it. I cried a few times in this, reading Jack's letter and what happens at 86%. Annoyingly, this book ended at 88% which is so frustrating but at least there's an excerpt of the next installment.  

Writing: I love Cates' control of pacing. Everything happens at such appropriate moments and as with the first book, little aspects of their life are revealed consistently throughout the story. There isn't ever a lull in the story, even when not much would be happening. Sometimes, I'd forget whose POV I was reading from but that was down to just reading too fast out of excitement! 

"You worry so much about protecting your toes that you miss out on the joy of the dance."

That quote... Away from the story, that quote really struck home and it has stayed with me since. Every so often you find a little gem like that in a book that really means something to you and I read it at a time I really needed it, so thank you Georgia Cates for that. 


This wasn't as great as Beauty from Pain. It didn't have a cliffhanger ending but it was an excellent second book. I still loved reading it and went through so many emotions. Laurelyn and Jack are definitely my favourite couple and I am so excited to read their final chapter!

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