Saturday 28 October 2017

REVIEW; Frosh: First Blush (Frosh #1), by Monica B Wagner


Genre: New-Adult, Contemporary, Young Adult

Recommend: Yes

Book 1



At Hillson University the drama is like no other; Ellie, an aspiring journalist, will learn just what it means to "do what you need to do to get the story". Grant is a star football player trying to live up to everyone's expectations. Devon is Queen Bee, and will stop at nothing to get Grant and parade him around on her arm. And then Charlie is about to change his nerdy, shy attitude in order to catch Devon's attention. What could go wrong? 

My Thoughts:

I quite enjoy books that move between a lot of POV's. In this case the story revolves around the four main characters - Ellie, Grant, Devon and Charlie. It reminds me of reading series like The It Girl about 7-8 years ago. 

I think a main thing to note from the start, is that this is rather predictable. Nothing really happened that was a huge shock or was a twist, so if that's what you're looking for, keep looking. But it does serve for a good light summer read that I read in one day. 

Ellie: She is a typical innocent and fresh heroine, starting university with high hopes and dating not on her agenda. I feel she was a little weak though. It all felt too convenient, with how Tanner instantly took a shine to her (although there were other reasons) before he even knew who she was and simultaneously Grant also noted her as a woman of interest quite early on. But why do these heroines always have to be so naive and dis-trusting. I'm so tired of a heroine seeing/hearing something and totally jumping to conclusions. I understand there is need to keep a plot turning, but can authors not think of other ways? Like, I really felt sorry for Grant because she was pretty cruel to him, even if it was out of defense, she still didn't even allow him a chance to explain his side of anything, and that to me is such a frustrating trait. 

Characters: There were a lot of characters in this, with their own agendas, and at times I did get confused with the secondary characters and how they were all inter-related with different main characters. But they all had a substantial difference to them, so every character felt like they served purpose and were distinct. I enjoyed the suspense and secrets surrounding Devon's drama and uncovering her family secrets. I really liked Charlie though. He was such an adorable character and I always loved reading about his nerdy t-shirts. I think he was the one I felt for most and was really rooting for, being the underdog and letting Devon treat him like shit but then he'd stand up for himself and it would be amazing! 

I don't really like when there is cheating in books, and there wasn't really in this, but the love triangles gave me a headache. Ellie liked Grant, but also Tanner liked Ellie. Charlie liked Devon who was after Grant. Then Grant went out with Devon and Ellie with Tanner and it was just a bit messy for my liking. Appeared more like high school drama than university... 

I read a similar review that actually mentioned legal drinking age and I feel that's a really good point. At this point, all the characters are underage as per American law. Whereas in Ireland (where I grew up) and the UK (where I now go to Uni) the legal age is 18. So by the time I got to uni I was already 18, and one of the youngest in my year, and most people had those rebellious alcoholic years behind them (save a few dodgy nights!) but on a whole, most people drink responsibly so the drama levels are not the same. 


I'm sure a lot of NA readers would enjoy this, but personally feel it's more suited at YA due to the maturity levels and drama. I can't really relate to the characters and the scheming as being that of 18+. 

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