Saturday 7 January 2017

2016 Favourite Reads

Below is my selection of some of my best reads throughout 2016.

1. I Am Pilgrim, by Terry Hayes

Rating:  ★★★
Genre: Thriller, Suspense

Not only is this a top favourite, but this book is the first one I think of when someone asks me for a recommendation. I devoured this book and read it any second I could. This is a brilliant thriller, set around the acts of terrorism as the race to save America is on, led by top secret agent, Pilgrim. To fully enjoy this story, you have to go in blind. The standard of writing and story-telling is brilliant. It's all a great web with the minor stories and plots intertwining and coming together. Such an exhilarating read.

2. A Different Blue, by Amy Harmon

Rating: ★★★
Genre: New Adult, Romance

Blue Echohawk doesn't know who she is, or where she came from. She doesn't even know her real age. Her teacher, Wilson, takes an immediate interest into Blue and her mysterious nature. And so begins a beautiful story of self love and discovery with a soft romance woven between it all. The writing is so powerful and will blow you away with poignancy. 

3. Needing to Fall, Ryan Michele

Rating: ★★★
Genre:   Dark, New-Adult

This is a dark, dark read. Reign was passed from foster home to foster home and collected scars along the way. She is damaged and barely surviving. Along the way she meets Lynx. He too has his demons and suffering, but they help each other in moving forward. It's a haunting story about finding love in darkness and the importance in moving forward in life and not giving up. 

4. Paper Princess (The Royals #1) , by Erin Watt

Rating:  ★★★
Genre:  New Adult, Drama, Romance

This series blew me away! The story is so captivating and addictive. Ella was orphaned as a teenager and was well capable of looking after herself. She finds herself with a legal guardian and housed with his sons. Naturally, a romance blossoms between her and Reed but it isn't all that wonderful - it's heartbreaking! This story will beautifully destroy you and you will be swept up as Ella fights for herself in the new world she finds herself in. 

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5. Cinder & Ella, by Kelly Oram

Rating:  ★★★
Genre: Romance, Young Adult

This is a great teen read. It's a wonderful modern adaption of the fairytale with some great twists and plot line. I read the book within 24 hours and the relationship between Cinder & Ella was hilarious to read about. The writing isn't at the highest standard, but as it is aimed for teens, this can be easily overlooked for the great story.

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