Wednesday 10 August 2016

REVIEW; Lionheart: A Beauty and the Beast Retelling, by Fran Seen


Genre: New-Adult, Romance

Recommend: Yes




Lula responds to a Craiglist advertisement  by a Mr Rahim, seeking a cleaner who will ask no questions and housing is included in his manor. Eager to escape her family and pay for her sister's physical therapy, Lula jumps at the opportunity. One rule though... she is not to look at Mr Rahim's face. No one who lives there has seen him properly. But Lula isn't one for living the safe life and pushes Mr Rahim until she gets a glimpse at who he really is, and once she sees, she cannot walk away.

My Thoughts:

*** Thank you to the author for sending me a copy of this in exchange for an honest review***

I love Fran Seen's work. Absolutely blown away... again. There is such a magnetic power to the stories she creates that lures me into the world of the characters. 

"My mom always told me that, when people warned you they were emotionally unavailable, to believe them. She said those people had good intentions. They were trying to warn you that their heart was broken, and in attempting to piece it back together, they were afraid of cutting you with their edges."

You know those times when you read something and it hits you right in the gut and you realise you've just read words that explain everything that's been going on in your brain as if the author has just ripped your own thoughts right from you and whacked them down on paper... yeah, that happened.

Lula: I loved her banter and attitude. She was so kind-hearted and of the best nature, but yet not timid or shy and afraid to challenge Alo. I laughed on so many occasions reading of her texts with him and how she challenged him. 

Alo: We discovered his past and history before Lula did due to the dual POV and I loved the insight into his struggling mind and his torment. He was a perfect balance of fierceness and mystery but yet with such a soft side.

Romance: This is technically a romantic story between the pair but yet there's nothing explicit or steamy. Instead it's all based on a gorgeous development of a relationship where the reader gets to see them both get emotionally and mentally close. I loved the scenes where Lula and Alo would focus on the sky and discuss the stars and their story. 

What's beautiful is the adaption of the Beauty and the Beast story is so far removed but with the same premise. Alo feels like he is completely alone and removed from the world, but once he accepts that he doesn't have to be and allows Lula to get close, it ends beautifully! The writing and format is so thought-provoking and entrancing, it's just fantastic. 


This is an addictive and beautiful romantic story. With some complicated themes treated so delicately and honest, the pain and trauma will captivate you from the beginning to the thrilling ending. 


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