Wednesday 17 December 2014

REVIEW; Metamorphosis (Book Boyfriend #1), by Erin Noelle


Genre: Romance, Young Adult, Drama

Recommend: No


Scarlett MacGregor finally moves to university with her best friend, Evie, away from living in a prison set by her overbearing parents. Having attended an all girls school and never being allowed any social life, Scarlett doesn't know much about partying, dating or boys, other to what she has read in her much loved novels. 

After making a deal with Evie that they would source out her "type" by experiencing her different type of book boyfriends; the gentleman to the player to the tattooed musician, Scarlett is thrown into a dating whirlwind. 

She soon finds herself involved with Ash, Dylan and Mason, and realises choosing between them is not as easy as she has read in her romance novels. 

My Thoughts:

One word; overkill.

I am really fed up of YA/Romance novels in general involving an innocent, inexperienced girl who attracts the main guys and is the one to "change" them. It's a scenario that's written about in 99.9% of YA books and is so unoriginal. 

  1. Errors; There were numerous typos and errors which just go so frustrating. All the text messages were in bold but there were in-between sentences that were bolded within all the texts. "He" was used instead of "his" etc.
  2. Pace; Pacing was all over for this novel. Random conversations or events dragggggged on way too long and I ended up skipping so much; especially the crap that came from Ash.
  3. Characters; I didn't "fall" for any of the characters in this. I thought I'd like Scarlett but nope. Even Evie didn't really seem credible, she wasn't whole or complete like a best friend in a novel should be. Even at the ending, I was completely unaffected by the events that unfolded. She seemed to be a character of convenience and only showed up when necessary. 
  4. Plot; I loved the back story of Scarlett and Evie and how she experienced a lot through her books. But the "love at first sight" thing happened not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES!! And of course with three super-hot model like men! Snooze. Maybe that type of theme is loved by a lot of YA readers, the 21st Century Fairytale - but COME ON! It just came across as unoriginal and lazy writing that they all fell in love with Scarlett at first glance. It was all too easy and boring. 
  5. Scarlett; I liked her to begin with. I thought she had an interesting life and the sheltered upbringing would really come into psychological play. I can understand how she was sexually frustrated from being so sheltered but she showed no apprehension! She was so contradicting, especially when meeting Mason and doing what she did! She wanted Ash. From. The. Very. Beginning. And naturally he was a player but deep down a "good guy." But she got with Dylan. And then bad boy Mason, who every girl wanted, but she got him too... and chose him... even though she claimed Ash was the one. What. The. Hell. To be honest though I just wanted the book to end. I didn't care who she chose. And from having a sheltered lifestyle it seemed odd that it was just sex/boys she wanted to experience. Surely there were other things she hadn't done and now had the freedom to explore... 
  6. Ending; the end of the novel as a whole didn't work. Could predict what was going to happen with Evie from the beginning but I didn't even care as she wasn't developed into a fundamental character. Scarlett let me down for the last time with how she reacted; okay, it was a fair reaction to everything that had happened but it was cruel! When someone puts their heart on the line, I don't care what you've been through, you. do. not. just. leave. and do what she did. Talk about extremes and a drama queen. Someone hit her with a brick and send her back to her parents.

I think the only thing I liked about this book was that Scarlett and Evie read books so we could relate to that one teeny tiny aspect of their characters. The BB references from other novels sort of worked but they were kind of just thrown in haphazardly as if the author had just remembered she was tying them in.

Would not recommend this to anyone that reads a lot of YA as most likely you've read similar and better 30+ times already. Didn't connect with the characters and considered DNFing at one point and for some reason persevered... at least it was free.