Thursday 3 July 2014

REVIEW: Transcendent Tales-Volume II, by Adam Train

Rating: ★★★★☆

Genre: Sci-Fi, Dystopian,

(spoiler free review)

Individual Review & Summary:

1. Final Tide - ★★★★☆
This story was set in Atlantis and an interesting opener to this series of novellas. It centers around the inhabitants deciding what to do when faced with a threat that could ruin their civilisation. I enjoyed this story but felt it was a little short, would have liked it to continue a bit further.

2. High-Side - ★★★★★
This was probably my favourite story. It would make for a brilliant gripping novel if there was more story to be told. Set in a dystopian future, the main character, High-Side, is given an order to carry out. He soon realises the delivery he must complete is extremely high-risk and involves more than he thought. The characters were strong and had a depth to them. I really loved Flor and her ignorance to her situation. Really just loved the whole concept of this story. 

3. The Legends of Skoll- The Wildman - ★★★★☆
A young boy seeks out help from Skoll and Bhalu to come back to his village and help defeat the Wildman, a beast that has been attacking their town. This story started off a little slow and took a while to grip my interest, but it definitely improved and the ending was great. 

4. Prisoner of Hakai - ★★★★★
Set in a prison where Arden is about to be executed in a world where aliens rule the Earth. These aliens worship the Light, and rule with their dogmatic beliefs so when Arden opposes these he is  punished with death. I enjoyed this and it would be my second favourite. The story of the Hakai was interesting and the general plot and idea of the story was clever and gripping.

5. War Chief - ★★★☆
Akhutai Khan is escaping from the evil Zenzorthus when he is hiding and spies on another creature; a magnificent green female named Natal. He returns to her home and begins his new life like he never imagined. Not too sure about this one, I lost interest in the story after he met Natal and went back with her and expected the story to be completely different. 

6. Mystery of Grey Rock Canyon - ★★★☆
A little difficult to summarise but it involves an "explorer" of sorts in the future, wandering around the named Canyon and explaining his discoveries and experiences. A decent story but one of complete description. Think the ending was a little sudden but held my interest until the end nonetheless. 

7. The Treaty of Nine (Part 2) - ★★★★☆
Reading the first part I loved the setting of this immediately. Set on Mars, in a future where other planets are habitable and wars have broken out over the occupancy and ownership of such planets. The Treaty of Nine is devised to halt further discrepancy. Part 2 follows the main character of Eon and his friend Gregan. When a threat arises that could tear apart what the treaty has built, Eon is summoned to help fight against the rising threat. This was a good all-rounded story, a few bits seemed a bit lacking but overall had action and suspense and an interesting take on a futuristic setting. 

Overall Recommendation:
I would definitely recommend this series of novellas to anyone who enjoys reading fantasy/sci-fi. All stories were well written and the characters were so diverse and different. From a mix of aliens to creatures to humans, each story was completely unique. The writing style was well crafted and I enjoyed the phrasing and descriptions of possible mundane scenes, but eloquently portrayed. 

Thank you to Adam Train for providing me with the opportunity to read this in exchange for an honest review! 

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