Saturday 4 June 2016

REVIEW; The Rosie Project, by Graeme Simsion


Genre: Romance, Humour, Contemporary

Recommend: Yes



Don Tillman wants to get married. But any woman he finds is no match for him. He develops The Wife Project, a questionnaire that he gives to any possible woman who may have his interest. This prevents the waste of time in finding out undesirable qualities further down the line. 
But then there is Rosie. She fails on multiple aspects and definitely is not suitable for Don. But soon, his Wife Project is put aside to help Rosie with The Father Project. As Don spends more time with Rosie to help her find her real father, he begins to wonder if his questionnaire is the be all and end all of finding a wife.

My Thoughts:

Don: Don has Aspergers Syndrome, but isn't aware. He just thinks he is different to everyone else. Bound by routine, he feels he is missing something to understand human behaviour. He creates The Wife Project to find his ideal woman, with unique parameters such as how early/late one turns up to events or what is their favourite flavour of ice-cream. The story is presented from his POV and gives the reader a unique insight into seeing the world from a different perspective. But it was missing the emotional impact. Don was aware of his unique-ness and how different he was to everyone else, but the author never delved into revealing how Don felt about all this laughing and pointing, as if he was immune to it all. 

Rosie: Rosie fails The Wife Project test so Don discounts her. Rosie, however, was totally unaware this project even existed and befriends Don for his help in finding her biological father. Unbeknownst to Don, she is actually the perfect match. She is smart and independent, and not interested in changing Don so he would "fit in" more in social situations. It bothered me a little how "perfect" she was. She was a bit too quirky and quite defensive and harsh, I just didn't really warm to her too much. 

Story: The story is a really great one, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about their adventures. Their was obviously the underlying romantic thread but it didn't dominate over Don and Rosie's building friendship. I liked the investigation of discovering the truth about Rosie's father and the journey it brought both characters on. 


I found this a light read in the end. I think I expected something a little more robust, but taking the whole story quite lightly highlights the comedic aspect of everything and presents an enjoyable, different story.


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