Saturday 26 December 2015

REVIEW; Heartless, by Vanessa Marie


Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Drama

Recommend: Yes



Charlie has lived her life moving from place to place as her father moves with the military. She is finally excited to move when she discovers she will be returning to her original home town and will be reunited with her best friend Julian. 
Not having any interest in boys, Charlie can't help but give into the attraction she has for Sam - a cool, light-hearted 25 year old she meets in a cafe. But Charlie doesn't like letting people in and is always expecting to be let down. Sam manages to break down her walls and discover glimpses of her harsh youth and loves her for it. 
But just as they seem to be on the same page, Charlie starts back at school. And Sam walks into her Creative Writing class... as her teacher. 

My Thoughts:

Writing: At the beginning I couldn't help but cringe at the writing in this. The forced wit and banter among the characters seemed juvenile and childish. I'd really suggest re-writing the first 1 or 2 chapters as they just are such a turn off. However, as the story progressed the writing did also. The torment of life that plagued Charlie was described so emotively and I could really sense her suffering throughout. 


  • Charlie: I loved her fight to begin with. She seemed so strong and sure of herself. But I got a little tired of the whole "selfless" act she tries to pull towards the end. Just feels a tad over done in so many novels where characters push people away for their protection. 

  • Julian: He was awesome! Totally could see the twist involving him from the get go, but he's a best friend anyone would want. He was so good at giving Charlie the kick up the ass she needed but also he still had his breaking point, like every human

  • Sam: Ooh la la! I'd say everyone reading this wished they were Charlie in the coffee shop! He had a great personality and charm that wooed the reader, but he wasn't perfect either. Charlie really got under his skin and seeing his anger and frustration play out, made him so authentic and realistic. He wasn't some glorified man who had no flaws, and this made him even more attractive. 

"Experience is a hard teacher because she gives you the test first and the lesson afterward"

"Life is bullshit. It's not sunshine and fucking rainbows, it's dark clouds and acid rain" 

Story: Regardless of any drawbacks, this story drew me in and kept me up late in order to finish it. I immediately bought book 2 to continue their story. Sam and Charlie had such a rich relationship in the first half, and it was painful to read their pain when they realised their new situation. Throw in the drama of Charlie's health and it's just a rollercoaster of emotion! This also really went beyond the usual teacher-student romance. I liked how it developed between them two initially and the chemistry that pervaded the novel. 


I loved this a lot. I'm so glad I stuck with it even though my first impressions were quite negative. There is such a beautiful, heartwrenching love story that unravels in the pages of this. It is a little heavy dealing with difficult topics and the struggles of life - but an amazing read. Definitely recommend!