Saturday 4 July 2015

REVIEW; Emerge (Evolve #1), by S.E. Hall


Genre: New Adult, Romance

Recommend: Yes



Laney Walker doesn't date or pay attention to boys. Until her best friend, Evan Allen walks out of the friend zone and clinches her heart. A perfect romance, threatened by their departure for college apart.

Breaking up for their time away, but still "together," both deal with problems and circumstances that are threatening their commitment and happiness.

But then there's Dane Kendrick. He makes Laney feel all sorts of new things and they embark on a relationship unalike what Laney had with Evan. But when it comes to choice, will it be the new thrill or the comforting best friend?

My Thoughts:

This. Book. (In Laney style Disney/Princess gifs!)

Like, what a whirlwind of emotions! Torn between two men (where no cheating actually happens,) and normally the reader is so biased but both Evan and Dane were just so sweeeeet and ARGH!

Laney: Okay, it took me a while to warm to her. I can't comprehend how she was so clouded to Evan liking her and then instantly going along and falling for him. Kind of over those girls that are meant to be dropdead gorgeous but yet don't realise it - just a bit cliche. And then the typical shy virgin girl but is master seductress, just no. Moving on though, I really felt for her. She'd had a rough run at life and she did no wrong in ending up in the situation she did end up in- and it was definitely a difficult choice between the two leading men.

Evan: So we meet him first and fall for him straight away. He's the supportive best friend who really has deep love and admiration for Laney and she is clearly his world. We all want someone like him! He's been there for her, would do anything for her, understands her. He is unbelievably understanding!!!! But distance is the killer. Evan is someone you need with you, by your side. And once doubt creeps in to sleep with distance, you either fight or flight- and the latter is easier when there's someone waiting to fly with you. 

Dane: So I wasn't a fan to begin with. I was rooting for Evan and Laney to fight through. But he's impossible not to love. He's got humour and charm vs Evan who was a more sensitive guy. He clearly wants Laney (will ignore the insta-love) but respects that he's not going near if she's Evan's. So, he's sort of the bad boy in this triangle, but without the bad! He has the utmost respect for Laney and fights fair and square for her.

Both men do!

But Evan (/Laney) sort of walked into disaster, which made me side with Dane at times.
  1. They technically weren't together, for that very reason, but yet still acted as if they were in a committed relationship. If they had stayed together there would've been that security and probably less doubt.
  2. He didn't fight for Laney. Where was he on her birthday? Or the rest of the year? She always made her way home or to his uni but he didn't show up until well into the trouble. 
  3. HE. WASN'T. WITH. HER. Yes, be jealous. But he agreed to breaking up prior to leaving and there was always that chance Laney would seek physical comfort. If they were so in love and meant to be, they should have at least tried to see it through - but they didn't. 
  4. He acted as if she was his property all along. He was gorgeously protective of her, but Laney is her own person and ultimately doesn't belong to anyone. But he let her slip away; he should've been in contact with her all the time and he wasn't. He allowed for Laney to have so much time without him that she could turn to Dane. 
Onto Laney;
  1. She loved Evan, but again - they weren't together. She obviously still had a commitment to him and he was her rock, but she needed to break free for her own good. If they'd gone to the same uni, they would've been fine. But the fact she fell for Dane proves that she should choose him as obviously Evan wasn't enough.
  2. No matter the distance, if you're surrounded by temptation but you are committed to your other half, you stay true to that person. Kaitlyn's meddling didn't help things but I don't think Laney stepped out of line. She was led to believe that Evan didn't care for her and she acted appropriately, seeking admiration and comfort. 

But then the last chapter... oh my heart is broken. But COME ON EVAN!?!?!?!? What did he really expect? 

They went their separate ways, having not resolved anything and then he made that big a move without even consulting Laney? NO NO NO NO NOOOO! 

But then how romantic! He loves her, he really loves her and he is hurting because he knows what caused their difficulties and he does the ultimate act to prove his love. I really feel for him the most as he tried so much to make Laney trust him and wait for him and then she just moved on... I'M TORN! 

I really don't know whose side to be on; Evan's, Laney's, Dane's. They're all innocent but sort of thrown into this situation and someone has to get hurt. 


I am so in love with this book but torn and hate it at the same time. Certain aspects hit close to home and make me sad but a book with that much powerful control over the reader's emotion can't be ignored. I need to finish this series for definite although my heart may regret it. Glutton for punishment.

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