Saturday 15 August 2015

REVIEW; Fallen Too Far (Rosemary Beach #1), by Abbi Glines


Genre: New Adult, Romance, Drama

Recommend: Yes



Blair Wynn is 19 and off to live with her father after her mother's death. He walked out on her a number of years back and she'd do anything to not have to see him again. 

Leaving Alabama for Florida, she meets her new stepbrother- Rush Finlay. Forced to stay with him as her father travels with his new wife, Rush has very little regard for Blair as she occupies the room under the stairs. 

But soon, Blair starts to seek Rush's attention and approval. And he can't deny his protective flair for her. He doesn't do relationships, but he can't ignore the strong attraction as secrets and drama threaten to ruin everything they know.

My Thoughts:

I put off reading this for ages simply as I didn't like the cover! Just seemed too cliche for my liking. However, I was pleasantly surprised and immediately drawn into this story. 

Blair: I love her! Right in the beginning she pulls a gun on someone - she's not weak or a damsel in distress and can clearly take care of herself. She doesn't even swoon too much over Rush, but just minds her own and stays in under the stairs without complaint. She allowed Rush be the player he is and didn't pine or act like a desperate puppy. She's lost all the family she knew and isn't eager to get close to anyone else. 

Rush: BOOK BOYFRIEND ALERT! Typical player/bad boy with a history and a suitcase of secrets. He immediately puts up walls to Blair and tries to keep her far away where she can dislike him. He soon realises they have things in common and her gentle and innocent nature gets in under his skin. But he thinks he's broken and doesn't want to harm Blair and I love how he has a deep sensitive side in how he cares for her in his own warped way. He is battling his own demons and has to balance them with his feelings for her.

Characters: Starting with Woods, he's cool- I liked him. He was extremely flirtatious but also harbours a love for Blair and looks out for her. Then Nan- she's such a bitch but creates a good drama and is clearly fundamental to the plot. Bethy is such a cute best friend and so good to Blair. All of the characters were woven brilliantly into this story - they all had a definite purpose and distinct personalities

Story: I loved it at the beginning, then felt it lulled a bit, and then ended on a high. The relationship between Rush and Blair was so exciting to watch develop. There was a great balance of tension and chemistry between the two. The plot twists and drama in this were immense - by the end I was so invested in everything and wanted to know what was being kept from Blair so badly! Thankfully, I'd the second book to go straight onto - so after getting over the cliffhanger, I could immediately continue the emotional rollercoaster!


I recommend this to anyone who loves NA/YA romance with a baggage of emotion and drama. It's an addictive love story with so many plot twists and it'll have you crying, laughing and screaming! And my condolences to anyone who doesn't have the second book to cure the heartache at the end! 

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