Saturday 16 September 2017

REVIEW; Kaleidoscope Hearts, by Claire Contreras


Genre: New-Adult, Romance,

Recommend: Yes




Elle is trying to move on with her life, following the death of her fiancé. Returning home and moving in to live with her brother, she comes face to face to his best friend, Oliver. 
Elle has always been off limits to Oliver, but when she was younger he broke her heart when he left for college. Elle tried to move on with Wyatt, but realised it was a different type of love, one that wasn't enough. 
Now faced with the opportunity to give Oliver another chance, Elle has to decide if she is ready to move on, and if it can really be with the one who broke her.   

My Thoughts:

I'm a little torn with this as have some mixed feelings about it all. 

Elle: I really liked her and felt a huge amount of sympathy for her. She was tormented by what she should feel following the passing of Wyatt. I really loved how subtly it was portrayed that she did love him, but just not as much as her feelings for Oliver, and how guilty she felt by this. At times, I did want to give her a kick to just jump into things with Oliver, but at the same time could understand her hesitation and fears. It was a great battle between two different loves but also fighting against what society expect you to act like vs your own emotions. She was such a compassionate and kind-hearted soul and it was beautiful watching Oliver draw this out of her.  

Oliver: He was one adamant man! I loved his resolve and how he wouldn't give up on her. Elle was the one person that made Oliver want to be different and she changed him. He wanted her for so long but never could due to her being his best friend's sister. He didn't have the perfect track record but he grew up as he got older and knew what he wanted, so it was interesting seeing his character development from the flashbacks of when they were teenagers. 

3 stars? I liked it, but didn't love it. By the time of writing this I had read a few books in between and honestly, very little of this was memorable. It was a decent cute read but I didn't really care for the relationship between them. There was too much focus on why they couldn't be together and I would have liked more secretive dalliances before they told Vic. 


A decent romantic read worth a shot. It's different and is a heartwarming story about two forbidden loves finding their way back together. 


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