Saturday 12 August 2017

REVIEW; Luckiest Girl Alive, by Jessica Knoll


Genre: Thriller

Recommend: No




Ani FaNelli is engaged to a notable figure, she has a promising glamorous career, and is moving up the ranks in city's social scene. Ani is determined to keep her image prestigious and proud. She now has landed an interview/documentary series about her life. But when she was a teenager and attended Bradley School, there were some drunken nights and painful events that Ani has worked hard to bury. With the documentary looming, Ani's past threatens to come to life. 

My Thoughts:

DNF at about 60%. Up to this point there was no aspect that constitutes as psychological thriller in the slightest. In the 60% I read, all that had been covered was Ani attempting to keep her facade up in front of her fiance, and then the ordeals she endured as a teenager at school... She judged other women based on how they looked and what they wore and apparently depending how you place a clam shell down on your plate is a giveaway on how posh you are... wonderful - but still no thriller... 

Ani is reunited with her teacher, who cared for Ani when he heard she had been attacked by a student. Now older, he is taking part in the documentary about Ani's life and she is concerned about what he will disclose, whilst also fancy-ing him and being jealous of his partner, despite Ani supposedly being happily engaged. I somewhat enjoyed her vindictive side and attempts to be a socialite... but nothing happened! 


I can't recommend this due to not being able to complete it. By 60% nothing had occurred to warrant it being a thriller, never mind a psychological one. I really don't see what has won so many high ratings and a movie deal. 

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