Saturday 19 November 2016

REVIEW; A Different Blue, by Amy Harmon


Genre: New-Adult, Romance

Recommend: Yes




Blue Echohawk doesn't know who she is... not even her age. Her mother left her with a stranger when she was two, and he raised her as his own, teaching her about life and how to carve wood, constantly moving around. 
With his passing she is left on her own to discover herself. Having to attend high-school Blue doesn't want to do an assignment involving telling her story. Her teacher, Wilson, is instantly drawn to Blue's attitude and wants to know more. And instantly an unlikely but strong friendship is born, as Blue embarks on a journey to discover herself and balance a relationship with her teacher.

My Thoughts:


Blue: Blue Echohawk is such a compelling character. She has a beautiful story considering she knows nothing of it to begin with... she doesn't even know if she is 19 or 20. As a result, we go on a gorgeous journey of self-discovery and redemption and revelations. She had great wit and sense of humour but yet an ability to feel the highs and the lows with raw emotion that affected me. She was such a unique character with her own struggles and I feel responded to bucket loads of shit thrown at her with a strong armor of attitude and bravery. 

Once upon a time... there was a little blackbird, pushed from the nest. Unwanted. Discarded. 

Writing: I'm so used to reading NA novels with easy read language. The prose in this is so engaging and encouraging, with a vocabulary above average of that usually found in similar novels. Although this story was so compelling, the manipulation of language was what really drew me in and what I found addictive. It was so refreshing! 

Romance: So I stumbled across this due to student/teacher relationship. Firstly, for the majority of the book Wilson had a girlfriend and no romantic barriers were pushed whilst they remained student/teacher so there was none of that consequence dealt with. What was beautiful was how their relationship evolved into a true and caring friendship as Wilson helped Blue on her journey. Part of me wished there was more romance depicted between the pair but I sort of liked how delicate and slow their relationship bloomed and how it was focused more on the emotional connection. 


I wasn't expecting this book to affect me as much as it did. I honestly thought it would be a sub-standard level of writing but yet it was so powerful and a story I will remember for a long time. There is a beautiful soft romance woven around the journey of self discovery and is just fantastic. So poignant. 

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