Saturday 1 October 2016

REVIEW; Needing To Fall, by Ryan Michele

Genre: New-Adult, Dark, Romance

Recommend: Yes




Reign has bounced from foster home to foster home and been through it all growing up. Hated by her parents she went on to be abused and witness the murder of her only friend when he tried to protect her. 
Broken from life, Reign is living from day to day. But after discovering something from her past, she is sent back years. Barely surviving, Reign meets Lynx. He's been through hell and back and wants to help Reign. He understands. Together they will battle the darkness in an effort to reach the light. 

My Thoughts:

Now this is a dark read. Holy shit. I loved it. 

Reign: we know she's had it rough but nothing could prepare me for just how bad she had it. Her own parents despised her and life was against her from the beginning. If that wasn't torture enough, she was then victim to countless amounts of abuse from the foster families. She wants to die and I really feel for her. She really has no reason to live and has lost everything. I'd do the exact same and I was so pissed at Andi for getting in the way and caring. 

Lynx: can we all get one? He was amazing. A fellow patient suffering from PTSD he has his own battles to fight. I loved how he wasn't afraid to say the truth to Reign. He didn't baby her. He wasn't a perfect man either and probably someone that is hard to love, but yet they were so wonderfully matched. Him helping her helped himself.

This is primarily a story that focuses on finding love among all the pain and heartache. Both characters are suffering different type of heartache and trauma, but yet kind trust each other again and fight past all their demons. It's by no means romanticised or made seem attractive. It's ugly and it's heart-wrenching, but the outcome is a beautiful story between the pair. It's not always easy either, and they have to fight a lot for it, but it depicts something dark and scary and real, and shows the path in moving on with life and not giving up. That's important to read.


This really blew me away. It was so dark and powerful and the writing was extremely evocative I was suffering with Reign. It's a read that will definitely haunt you and stay with you for a long while.


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