Saturday 14 October 2017

REVIEW; Bad Mommy, by Tarryn Fisher


Genre: Romance, Psychological Thriller 

Recommend: Yes



Fig lost her little girl and believes that her soul is present in a girl she watches at the park. She learns where the girl lives, and conveniently moves into the house next door, befriending parents Jolene and Darius. She wants everything that Jolene has - her child, her husband, her house, her style. As the imitation reaches new levels, so does the danger. 

My Thoughts:

Well where to start with this whirlwind of a book. I think this was definitely the best book I've read this year - it has to be. I love Tarryn Fisher's books and they usually hit me pretty hard, but this was on a whole new level of crazy (or maybe on par with Marrow). 

We know Fig has lost a child, and her relationship disbanded as her partner didn't want to try again while Fig couldn't cope with the loss. She slowly becomes fixated on a little girl she sees in the park, following her therapist's advice that she would meet her child's soul again. 

But Fig is an obsessive person, and moves into the house next door to Jolene and her young daughter. Fig is envious from the start; of Jolene's life including her home, her husband and her sense of style. It starts of rather minor, with Fig buying similar home decor, or vising places that Jolene has posted on her social media. But her stalker tendencies are dismissed by Jolene, but her husband, Darius, can't let it go. 

This book is told from three different POV in three distinct parts; Fig (The Psychopath), Darius (The Sociopath) and then Jolene (The Writer). And HOLY SHIT! It's hard to know who to believe as the plot twists and totally blindsides you and makes you feel sick with worry and... it's just a book that is impossible to put down. To the reader, it appears like Jolene and Darius have a happy, tight marriage. But after Fig's meddling, is it all for appearances? Can we trust Darius? There are just so many times that I had to stop and try and piece together the puzzle and THE ENDING! 

The ending of this will never escape my memory. This wins the best ending ever and it absolutely punches you and guts you. I even ran out of the room to my mom to tell her how it ended because I was so in shock. Even now, what wonderful literary wisdom to write that way. 

As victim to emotional blackmail in a relationship with a narcissist, I feel like this is an important read. It really highlights how blind love can be when you are being lied to and how you need to be stronger to rise above it all, now matter how much it F's you up. I got chillsssss...


Wonderfully psychotic and captivating - one of my favourite reads from 2017 with some twisted characters brought to life with magical writing skills.

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