Saturday 27 May 2017

REVIEW; Pieces of You & Me (Pieces #1), by Pamela Ann


Genre: New-Adult, Romance

Recommend: No

Book 1



Olivia and Greyson fell in love in third grade. Until Olivia broke his heart and a mutual hatred began. After returning home following a summer in Sydney, Olivia discovers her mother's new boyfriend is Greyson's father, and they will be living together. All Olivia has to do is get through her final year of high school before returning to Sydney for University with her boyfriend Liam. 
But Greyson won't let Olivia slip through his fingers again and will do anything to make her acknowledge their mutual feelings. 

My Thoughts:

Olivia: I didn't like her... Sorry! Back in third grade she was blackmailed into breaking Greyson's heart and causing the hatred between them for the remainder of their school years. Seriously?! Grow a back bone. Ok, as a young child you don't really know how to react but surely going through the teen years she could've just explained to him! She also gave in so quickly even though not giving in. Like, she agreed to be his date, asked him to sleep in her bed, asked to go with him racing - there was no real effort of rebelling against the feelings. 

Greyson: I didn't like him much either to be honest. I didn't think we got much of an insight into his character, other than his apparent disregard for every other woman except for Olivia who he was in love with - with no reasons really given. There was a lot of telling us that he loved her but, for me, no real signs to make me believe him one bit. He was such a possessive arrogant egotistical boy who tried to act alpha male as a romantic gesture and just no! I despise this in a male character we are meant to be rooting for. 

Story: I think there's a good premise of this story but for me it lacked. Maybe if I had been 16 or 17 reading this I would've soaked it all up, but I'm past all this empty romance. The book ends on a cliffhanger - something I don't mind - but again the drama was focused on miscommunication and that's such a pet peeve of mind in books (I think due to being my pet peeve with people in my life) and I just couldn't enjoy the book. I wasn't racing to pick it up and delve into their world. I didn't care about the characters. 

Also, read on kindle, the story ends at 82% and with a cliffhanger, and in that case I hate it. I never read excerpts of other books that are added at the end so just another negative for me! 


Overall, probably wouldn't recommend this due to the lack of connection with the story and the characters. I just couldn't follow it or the drama/twists. 


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