Saturday 13 May 2017

REVIEW; Falling To Pieces, by Leddy Harper


Genre: Romance, New Adult

Recommend: Yes

Book 1 (Individual Story)


At nearly 17 years old, Aubrey is solely focused on her studies so she can go to college and escape her mother. That is until after Christmas break she returns to find a new History Teacher - Mr Taylor. For the first time in her life, someone cares for her. After noticing bruising and facial injuries, he gets involved in her life and vows to protect and help her. But soon lines become blurred and the boundaries between student and teacher waiver. Mr Taylor wanted to save Bree, but it's possibly she who saves him. 

My Thoughts:

There is something about the student-teacher romances that intrigue me and I love seeing how different authors treat the subject. This was probably one of the best executions as lines were barely crossed. 

Bree: For the most part I really liked how strong she was, even though not realising it. She flipped when Axel tried to just help her and she had a mindset that she had to help herself. I loved that she constantly reminded him of the boundaries and set out her feelings from the get go. 

I don't know if the split time frame worked for me. The first half was told 6 years before present time and from Bree's POV. The latter half was then presented to the reader from Axel's perspective and I really enjoyed this dual POV as we find out the information from both sides and we got an insight into how much Bree really meant to him. I just didn't like the storyline of Bree having a daughter. There were just too many coincidences occurring for me to truly believe it all. 

For the first half of the story I could usually completely understand Bree and her reactions to everything. But in the second half she had clearly grown and changed through the six years but I felt like I was missing some pivotal information to understand her older self. I just didn't get her and the dancing around Axel and the unnecessary drama. I get that there was massive miscommunication on both sides, however it felt like Bree was a totally new character. 

Pace: one aspect of the writing that I applaud is the pacing. Every time Bree faced drama we weren't told immediately what had occurred or happened but found out as Axel did etc. It worked in adding another dimension to the story and prevented it from sounding like Bree was just retelling a story. 

I like how Axel didn't directly go after Bree either. Their connection wasn't based on flirting and attraction but a deeper concern and genuine care of her wellbeing, with the feelings growing from there. 


Not your typical forbidden romance but a beautiful story nonetheless. Definitely recommend. 

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