Thursday 24 July 2014

REVIEW: Welcome to Sugartown, by Carmen Jenner

Rating: ★★★★☆

(semi-spoiler free review)

Genre: New-Adult, Romance

19 year-old Ana Belle spends her time running her family pie shop in the heart of Sugartown, a small town where everyone knows everything. She has a reputation despite being a "good girl" and just keeping her head down and working. Her days are spent working and with her best friend, Holly. Both dream of the day they can escape the boring town but know the reality is far away and unreachable. 

Then in rides Elijah Cade. This tattooed biker hunk wanders into Ana's pie shop and wants her immediately. Ana feigns disinterest but wants him just as badly. Working for her dad, Elijah harbours a dark past and Ana's father attempts to keep them apart. 

Following numerous events/incidents throughout the book, Ana and Elijah's relationship is put to the test and they have to battle through their want for each other and whether they are actually more harmful together or apart...

My Thoughts:
This book is the definition for a roller-coaster story. The start is fun and light as they flirt back and forth and there's humour etc... But then it drops dramatically down a deep hole and emerges into dark and dangerous territory as Cade's past is brought to the present.  

I loved the connection between Ana and Elijah from the start and Holly interfering added so much humour to the overall story. Holly was probably my favourite character in the story as I think everything she did/said I agreed with or believed was necessary and realistic. Some things Ana/Elijah did/said just annoyed me or disappointed me in a way. 

The reason this book isn't 5 stars is for the following: 

Ana; sometimes I just wanted to shake her for being so stubborn with Cade. I know he broke her heart etc and for the majority of the time, I think her actions were justified but there were just some occasions were I was like "OH JUST GIVE IN TO HIM! YOU CAN SEE HE CARES!" and it felt like she was over-playing the victim a tad too much. 

Elijah; 99% of the time he was a perfect dreamy sexy bad-ass. BUT...there were a few times were he acted or said something that I felt really didn't fit his character who claimed to love Ana so much. Now, I'm well aware a man has needs etc but considering how much trouble he went to to prove his love for Ana and showed us how much he cared, I just can't understand why he'd go and have sex with Ana's number one enemy in the bathroom when Ana just needed time to come to terms with the fact he had kept his past a secret. 
At this point if I were Ana I would never have forgiven him as how could he do that if he really cared? 

That was my main issue with this book and why I'm giving it 4 stars. It were those teeny moments where the characters seemed to waver slightly off the path the author had built for them and left me questioning "who were they really?" 

Overall I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that loves a good romance novel but with a LOT of drama. It was quite unlike any other I've read before and I read it in less than 2 days! 

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