Hey guys! I'm Aoibheann, (Or just Aoibh- pronounced the same as Eve!). I am 22 y/o and an avid reader. From Ireland and studying Motorsport Engineering in the UK, in my spare time I love nothing more than to settle down with a coffee and a book!

I recently decided  it was time to start up a blog to post my reviews and recommendations and join others in posting about what we love. I often spend time reading reviews other people have posted and enjoy discovering aspects of a book that I had over-looked and taking on board other peoples' opinions.

I do like reading the good ole chick-lit book as I find them nice easy light reads, but I really love nothing more than a good enticing, psychological mind bender of a book! I often dip in and out of thrillers, fantasy, romance etc and would read nearly anything that grabs my attention. For me, originality is key and even though I may stick to one genre more so than another, I don't think there'd be any genre I wouldn't read. I love discovering new authors, and find reading the works of smaller, self published authors can be the most striking and captivating.

Other to my love of reading books, throughout my teenage years I have done my fair bit of writing and composition. I received an A1 in my English Leaving Cert Exam and often drop in and out of writing some scenes from a story I've tried to develop to a book and hopefully publish some day. I have so many characters I would love to write about, but there's not enough time to pursue every avenue we want in life!