Saturday 4 November 2017

REVIEW; Illicit, by Ava Harrison


Genre: New-Adult, Contemporary 

Recommend: Yes




Lynn leaves a party to get some fresh air on the beach after catching her boyfriend cheat on her. Carson leaves the same party to get space from everyone. Two strangers both finding solace on the same beach, staring at the night sky and bonding over the constellations. What turns into a wonderful night of passion, is soon tainted when Lynn turns up to class and finds Carson as her teacher, Mr Blake. They have an unimaginable amount of chemistry, but both know they can't revisit that night while she remains his student. 

My Thoughts:

I loooooove student/teacher romances to find out how different authors portray the taboo relationship and how it all develops. I think straight away there is such a strong boundary between right and wrong in society's eyes, and I love reading how that boundary turns grey between characters. 

Lynn: Poor Lynn catches her boyfriend cheating on her, and she goes to the beach for some space. When mysterious and charming Carson joins her, the two form a bond over constellation talk, which soon leads to swimming together and doing the deed. Lynn expects it to be a one-night stand and part of her healing process. But, she was held back a year and is still in high school. Her parents are divorced and she is left living with her evil bitch mother, as her dad stays away and pretty much ignores her calls. Thankfully, Lynn has her best friend. 

Carson: Bless him. Straight away when he realised Lynn would be a student he tried to do the right thing and get her to change classes. It was clear from that start that he was uncomfortable and it showed he had a conscience. But as he learns more about Lynn's life, they can't stay away and so the most wonderful forbidden romance ensues!

Story: There was a lot more going on than just a student/teacher romance. I think it was really beautifully written and Harrison addressed some serious issues and also didn't romanticize them at all (yay!). She includes a huge emphasis on counselling and seeking professional help for various issues and it's refreshing to read a serious topic being treated that way and not just thrown into a story for the lols. As for other drama... well it all added up for a good read. I felt the subplots were woven really well together with the main plot and it all seamlessly flowed as the drama intensified. 


This was a highly addictive, dramatic read about a forbidden relationship and the stakes of being in love. It deals with some heavy topics and about healing and recovery. A beautiful story!  

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